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Let's face it, being a parent isn't easy. Being an LGBTQ+ parent or couple can often be even harder. Or, perhaps you are here seeking answers on how to be more supportive of your LGBTQ+ child, or looking for resources on their behalf.

At Longmeadow Pride, we are making efforts to pride a series of supports and resources for the Parents in our community. We are working closely with Longmeadow Public Schools to ensure inclusivity, as well as fight against bullying and harassment.

As we expand, we are looking to create a network of families that can share important information with each other and build a repository of of resources along side it. Get recommendations for pediatricians that are LGBTQ+ affirming, or find doctors who can help your child with surgery. Perhaps you are new to the area and want to know about the experiences of LGBTQ+ students in a specific school. Or perhaps you are looking to move, and want to find a good neighborhood that has pride flags on the houses instead of symbols of hate.

Whatever your experience, we want you to be able to share it, and get help from others in the community who have first hand knowledge. Stay tuned for more information about this upcoming project!

Gay Family
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