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Connector Hub

We aim to connect people with existing community resources, as well as provide programming and engaging events.



Learn about our growing network of youth resources for both children and their parents!


Learn about our programming available to the adults in our community, and other resources!


Learn about our special programs and resources specifically for LGBTQ+ parents or for parents of LGBTQ+ youth!

How Can We Help

While we aren't able to directly offer all the service needed by our community, we can connect you with an appropriate service in the community to fit your need.

Mental Health
Counseling & Helplines

Find community resources to help you or someone you love who is struggling with mental health, or looking for a supportive provider.

Sexual and Physical Health Resources

Find where to get support for sexual health support, accessible testing, care, treatment, and on going support as needed, as well as learn about HIV and AIDS.

Support Groups

There are a growing number of LGBTQ+ support groups in the area. Find one near you!

Education & Training

If you've got a topic that relates to the LGBTQ+ community, our people, needs, or anything else, we'd love to connect you with educational resources.

Housing, Employment, & Civil Rights Resources

Sadly, discrimination is still something our community faces far too often in a wide variety of places. Luckily, we're here to help. Let us connect with you resources, and folks who can help offer guidance, advice, legal services and advocacy.


FMLA, Disability, SSI and more. It still sometimes doesn't seem to be enough to survive. Or perhaps your insurance doesn't cover crucial care or surgeries. We can help connect you with advocates to guide you through the system and get the support you need.

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